Power 2 Perform


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Manufacturer : GEN-TEC

Program:Informed-Choice, Informed-Sport

Supplement Type:Amino Acid(s)


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 04017-24319 Apple 02-Sep-19 23-Feb-17
ID 04117-24317 Grape 02-Sep-19 23-Feb-17
ID 13117-26050 Apple 05-Nov-19 17-May-17
ID 18590-05716 Orange 26-Feb-18 11-Aug-16
ID 20266-16816 Grape 15-Jun-18 08-Jul-16
ID 20542-17416 Orange 22-Jun-18 11-Aug-16
ID 21212 Orange 14-Jul-18 21-Jul-16
ID 22719/30716 Orange 11-Feb-18 07-Nov-16
ID 23597-02017-14 Grape 20-Jan-19 27-Jan-17
ID 24318-04816 Blueberry 17-Feb-19 23-Feb-17
ID 25163-07517 Orange 16-Mar-19 30-Mar-17
ID 25164-07517 Grape 16-Mar-19 30-Mar-17
ID 25354-08217 Blueberry 23-Mar-19 30-Mar-17
ID 25355-08217 Apple 23-Mar-19 30-Mar-17
ID 25894-12117 Grape 05-Jan-19 17-May-17
ID 26051-12117 Blueberry 05-Jan-19 17-May-17
ID 26052-12117 Orange 05-Jan-19 17-May-17
ID 29217/28909 Orange 19-Oct-19 07-Nov-17
ID 29217/28910 Grape 19-Oct-19 07-Nov-17
ID 32717/29457 Blueberry 23-Nov-19 11-Dec-17